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QG³ facade colors
Hand on it: Longer clean, faster dry, longer nice
3x best reasons for groundbreaking facade high-tech! Rely on Caparol facade colors with the NQG³ formula.

A three-dimensional nano-quartz grid in the binder ensures a hard, dirt-resistant surface.

The further improved, specially formulated colors impress with their optimal drying management and are thus even better protected against algae and fungal attack. The result is long-lasting clean, beautiful facades – proven many times by extensive laboratory tests and long-term outdoor weathering.

There has never been so much NQG security: hand on it!

NQG³- at a glance
1. Clean longer
A grid of small and hard quartz particles in the binder ensures that dirt does not attach to the surface.

The result: longer cleanliness of the facade.

Safe protection against dirt
The proven NQG technology is based on a hard surface with a mineral character that does not tend to thermoplasticity (softening) – even in extreme summer heat.

This significantly reduces contamination by sticking dirt particles, fine dust and spores. What remains on the facade for a short time will be washed off at the latest when the rain comes.

2nd. Faster dry
Moisture spreads on the surface and evaporates extremely quickly.

The result: hardly any chances for algae and fungi.

Intelligent drying management
Moisture is transported to the outside even faster – with NQG, facades become measurably dry faster. This technology advantage has been confirmed in scientific comparative tests.

3rd. Longer beautiful
The basis for this is a stable binder structure with extremely lightfast inorganic pigments.

The effect: longer shade resistance.

The secret of the color brilliance lies in the binder
In nano-quartz-grid technology, nanoscale silicate particles combine firmly and inseparably with the remaining binder particles during the production of the organic binder. As a result, the color-stable inorganic pigments are firmly integrated in the grid.
The advantage: minimal friction and long color stability.